One (New) Plugin – Unlimited Results. Local Markets Can Step It UP!


Local Businesses are BUSTING everything out there
to bring in more clients.
promotions, advertising, Social Media….

In fact ANYTHING they can. Right?

What can they do to get more exposure?
they can tap into the same system
that Obama is using – to reach hundreds of thousands….
That SPIELBERG is using – on blockbuster launches!
and they don’t have to have the political clout or the Hollywood budget to do it.

This is a really great wordpress plugin to help boost local businesses and their presence online

It is different.
It is unique!
and it is SIMPLE to setup and operate

You are going to be showing the clients
how they can INSTANTLY gain more exposure. Reach more people, Establish themselves as the ‘go to people’
Deliver INCREDIBLE customer service (that people will talk about and SHARE)
And do it all, using the same ultra powerful system as the big names, without any complications or hassles.

I am talking about Google Hangouts
Big name marketers have started using hangouts as a massive way
of reaching their audiences…. and exploding their bottom line in the process.
And this is where local businesses can use this to their advantage too.

The new plugin on the market called ‘Hangout’
(strangely enough 🙂 )
will allow businesses to set up the power of this system
on their existing website, with an easy to use process.

Now HERE is the kicker….
the DEVELOPER Rights (the right to install on clients sites, or sell sites you install onto)
will NEVER be offered again, after launch.

This opportunity is ONLY available until launch is over
and after that – there will be NO way to gain the rights.
This plugin will offer UNLIMITED seats, UNLIMITED events
and unlimited sites – for one incredibley low fee.
And the special offer – will also get you Developer rights – to do with as you want to.

(imagine what price you can ask of your clients for setting this up for them….)

After this launch special is gone –
the plugin is going up to it’s commercial pricing –
with ongoing montly fees and NO developer rights in place

Go Now!

PS: Seriously – the power of this system is incredible.
Local business and BIG businesses will be falling all over themselves to tap into this –
and YOU get to be the one providing the service
Grab it (and the developer rights option) FAST while the launch special is on – you will be EXTREMELY when glad you do.

Click here to get the RunClick Software

Runclick Software - Run Webinars With Hangouts

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