Apple orders 80 million iPhone 6 at its Chinese subcontractors



 The new smartphone will be more like a mini-tablet. The previous iPhone had been ordered in 50 to 60 million copies. 


Index of the exit in time for the holiday season with a new iPhone much larger: according to the Wall Street Journal, the Californian company commissioned its Chinese subcontractors 70-80000000 of smartphones with two types of screens. One is equipped with a screen of about 12 inches diagonal. The other would dare go up to 14 cm. In all cases the « iPhone 6 » would be much larger than the iPhone 5, the screen is a little more than 10 cm. 

The size of future device is not the only highlight, although it confirms the implicit admission by Apple that the bet of his great rival Samsung, whose models have generally larger screens, was wise. The latest addition to the range, the Galaxy S5 for example has a screen of about 13 cm. 

Large screens popular Chinese 

Smartphones will therefore increasingly resemble mini-tablets, hence the nickname « phablettes. » Advertisers have reason to celebrate: they will have more space to display their logos and messages … In addition to the large screens are particularly popular in emerging countries, particularly China. The purchasing power of the consumer is there not as high as in rich countries. So, often, the smartphone will replace the computer, which makes them buy devices with larger screens. 

The volume of the iPhone 6 command is also speaking. Initially the previous iPhone had been ordered in 50 to 60 million copies. Apple could prepare the introduction of a more differentiated model of the previous generation, could boost demand? Apple had been criticized last year for having underestimated the iPhone 5S request, his last more expensive model, and having initially overestimated demand iPhone5C less expensive. 

The smartphone market increasingly crowded 

For Pegraton Corp.. and Foxconn, the two major Chinese suppliers of components for iPhone, the technology associated with the new larger screen is also a new challenge. Foxconn has already begun to hire « hundreds of new employees every day » to ensure the production and increase its capacity robots « Foxbots. » 

The smartphone market is becoming more crowded. Furthermore Samsung which is estimated global market share to 29% in the first quarter, Apple fell 18%, while Huawei, Lenovo, LG and many others argue the rest. Samsung has noted this week « a slowdown in overall growth of the market » in the second quarter and a « higher inventories due to price competition and because of the lower demand for 3G models in anticipation of 4G models for the Chinese market. « Apple’s strategy has always been not to the market share of its priority. The Cupertino company prefers to maintain high margins and offer products of the highest quality, most innovative possible, deliberately sold at prices higher than those of competitors.


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